Re-charged, in more ways than one.

Hey all.
I'm back and ready to get back on the blogging ball. (Did that make sense?)
Do you want to know why it's been so long?
Let me give you my excuses.
1. I dropped all but ONE of my classes. Things were just too crazy here. Some people can balance it and go with that flow, but it was bothering me. So I dropped my classes and by the end of thise semester I will have my Associates. My plan is to come back later and finish, because heaven knows I did not spend that much time taking all those classes for nothing! I'm not sure when I'll go back, but that's the goal for now.
So for a while there I was trying to get in the groove of stay-at-home-momdom. Turns out, there is no groove. But I've gotten much better at balancing things! I spent my time figuring out my new life rather than blogging, and for that I'm sorry, but not all that sorry.
2. My computer charger died. The thing that kept my cyber life going passed away. Therefore, my cyber life passed well away. WELL.... all but things I can easy manage on my iphone. (I'm instagram crazy). I finally was able to purchase a new charger, and now I'm re-charged and ready to get to blogging again. I've missed it, it's my not-so personal journal and helps me feel more out in the world than I really am. Keeps me sane in the crazy times, but helps me spread my happiness in the good times, which takes up the majority of my life.

I'm going to try and avoid an annoying month by month update that I hate when I do. So... here's some pictures with some brief explanations. (let's hope they stay brief.)

ALSO on an awesome note, a friend of mine is re designing the dear old blog! Thank goodness for people who are well educated in blog design. PLEASE check out her adorable blog!

Let the pictures begin!
My best friend is getting married on the 20th! Helped throw her a bridal shower.
 There she is!
 Tried taking a picture of Tiny, she would only stay still if I gave her crackers.
 Painted my first water color. Proud. Don't judge.
 Met a wolf.
 Met my new neice Baby Ila!
 Love faces from Tae.
I was lucky enough to take some pictures for this cute family.
 Love this one.

 Went to an amazing toy store! Blickenstaffs.
 Holiday shopping.
 Playing with dryers.
 And TODAY met Baby Lincoln.
We are blessed.
We love life.