Christmas 2012.

I love Christmas.
Let me show you what Christmas Eve includes.

 The ending result...
We spent the majority of Christmas Eve at Shane's parents house and did the nativity, as you can see, ate homemade candies, and did gift exchanges.
Then we went to my parents house and ate finger foods, talked about symbols and signs of Christmas, played games, and opened our Christmas Eve gift!
Again, I love Christmas.

It seems like it goes so fast, and you can't quite GRASP it like you thought you would. But after is passes you promise next year you will catch it like you always hope. Maybe that's part of the magic of the Christmas season. Maybe that's why people jump into it so fast in hopes of getting every Christmas movie watched, all songs listened too, all crafts crafted, all cooking done, and all the shopping finished.
I don't know how it escapes me so easily, but I'm already looking forward to next year.
The one thing that makes me feel like a had a stronger hold on it than I really did is when I read or hear about Christ. His birth, His life, His suffering and His resurrection.
My sister shared this story in church during a lesson about a month ago. I'd love to share it.
"A man died and was resurrected and waiting in a room to be interviewed. Another man was ahead of him. The door opened, the man entered, and the door closed. The man on the outside could hear the conversation on the other side of the door. The interviewer began: 'I want you to tell me what you know about Jesus Christ.'
'Well, He was born of Mary in Bethlehem; he lived thirty years, spending the last three organizing his church, choosing his Apostles, and giving the gospel to direct our lives.'
The interviewer stopped him and said 'Yes, yes, that's all true, but I want you to tell me what you know about Jesus Christ.'
'Well, he suffered and died so that we could have eternal life. Three days later he was resurrected so that we might return to Heavenly Father.'
'Yes, yes, that is true, but I want you to tell me what you know about Jesus Christ.' The man, a little perplexed, again began: 'Well he restored the gospel in its fulness to the earth through Joseph Smith, reorganized his church, gave us temples so we could do work to save our dead. He gave us personal ordinances for our salvation and exaltation.'
The interviewer stopped him again and said, 'All of what you said is true.' The man was then invited to leave the room. After he left the door opened and the second man entered. As he approached the interviewer he fell upon his knees and cried, 'My Lord, my God.'"
Maybe in order to 'grasp' Christmas, we need to better know our Christ, the reason we truly celebrate.
We hope you had an amazing Christmas.

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