Tiny walks...

Taegan, you can walk.
And it is the single most adorable thing I've ever seen.
You started walking on the 21st. Which is ALSO the night that Daddy surprised us by showing up from his trip! We are so lucky that he was there right when you started walking.
It started when we'd just put you a few feet away from a couch or a chair and you'd "walk" but mostly fall toward it. As we practiced with you, you started to ACTUALLY walk toward it.
So we began coaxing you to walk to mom or dad. You did :).
Now you walk when we stand you up, or if you need to get inbetween two things that are not too far apart. We've slowly been noticing you start to try and stand on your own, and start walking into the middle of the room without coaxing.
You caught onto this so fast!
When you walk you hold one or both arms up in the air and you hobble across the floor. It's so adorable.
YOU are so adorable and you are getting so big.
We love you.

We'll get some pictures/videos on here.


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Yes please put up more pictures of my sweet niece. GO TAE!