Writing the word.

Even before Taegan was born, people would say "It's so weird that you will be a mom!" or "Can you believe you're going to be a mom?"
Yes yes, it is very strange that becoming a mom can happen just that fast! Even though 9 months doesn't seem short when you are pregnant (nothing does), it seems like a word that carries so much weight would take longer to become what it is. 
Mommasita. (my favorite)
When the word Mom comes to my mind my thoughts are immediately brought back to MY mom. Not me. I'm sure that will change when we have more kids and that's the name I hear most of the day, but right now, it just didn't seem like it was ME.
Until the other day.
This Christmas has been so much fun. It is so fun preparing to buy and actually purchasing baby Tae's Christmas gifts. Although she will probably be more interested in the boxes and wrapping, it's a tradition in the making. 
I was wrapping Tiny's presents the other day. When it came to write the gift tag, I had to pause.
I almost wrote  From: MarLyn and Shane.
No no no.... that's not right.... I'm her..... mom.
So with a burst of newly discovered excitement I scribbled Mom and Dad down..... 
We are her parents, her mom and dad.
I hope to one day be the mom that my mom was and is to me, and my mother-in-law is and was to Shane.
I hope the word "Mom" carries lots of happiness when Taegan says it in a few decades.

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