Curse of Curls part 2

Here it is!
Very odd name, but VERY GOOD!
Not Your Mother's Kinky Moves Curl Defining Hair Cream.
Haha! Every time I say it I have to laugh.
I bought mine at Walmart. I haven't seen it at Smiths yet... but maybe I didn't look hard enough...
 My process is pretty simple. I USUALLY take a shower at night, apply it then, and SLEEP on it and then wake up and patch it up a bit. When I do that my curls seem bigger and really defined. I'm guessing thats because the curls arent being moved around, pulled or flung back.
But for this I decided to show you what it was like to do a more typical process.

1. As usual, wash and dry ( go to this website to learn about the Curly Girl Method)
2. COMB (not brush) and apply the product.
(it was my first time taking mirror pictures for a tutorial... so don't laugh. haha)

 3. Drying
I think this has a HUGE impact on how the curls turn out. I'd play around with a few techniques if you don't know how you like your curls yet.
I pin mine up and let it air dry.
But there are SO many options!
You can
-pin up and air dry OR blow dry
 -leave hair down and air dry
-blow dry with or without a diffuser
- AND in high school I used to blow dry, but pull DOWN on the curls so there aren't some straight and some really curly parts of the curl. Come out more wavy.
Definitely try different techniques.

4. It's all dry! You can see in the picture that my hair (I think of a lot of people's curlies do this too) is so long and heavy that they top gets weighed down so it's pretty straight, but the ends are WAY curly because nothing is pulling on them. That is why I pin mine up so nothing is being pulled down. You can also avoid that with diffusing. 
 Now style and GO!
The thing I love about the product is that the curls are DEFINED! My hair is way less frizzy, and my curls are staying together without being crunchy (blech) or sticky.
Also, this product smells AMAZING!
I hope you enjoyed my cheesy pictures. Especially this last one.... haha
Go buy your Not Your Mothers Kinky Moves Curl Defining Cream now! (That name... it's still killin me!)
And for you straight-haired people! There is a Not Your Mothers brand Sea Salt Spray that apparently gets you those "Beach waves' that everyone talks about. Can't leave my straight=haired followers with nothing ya know!
Good luck!

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Kayla said...

omg. your curls look perfect!! honestly! I'm glad you found a product you love. I should try it one time. I haven't 'scrunched' my hair for a couple years cause it's always frizzy and wet dog looking. I should try this stuff!