Tiny Tuesday. Snow day and whispers.

Hey Tiny :)

Our Saturday morning was spent with Lizzy and Robyn in the snow. 
We've been lazy, and since the weather has been warming up a bit it was good to get out.
The snow was hard! Lizzy and Robby went around walking right on top of it (a dream of every adult).
You didn't really like being set down, unless we were holding your hands. Needless to say you spent most of the time in our arms, which is fine :)
You loved watching your cousins run and laugh and fall in love with snowballs.
You get the biggest kick out of them.

As for development, you've gone from bottles every 4 hours to eating 3 meals a day with snacks and sometimes a bottle at night. Huzzah! Well done Tiny!
We are getting rid of the binky! 
You sleep just fine without it, but church is a very loud occasion. 
You just want to walk around outside in the foyer during Sacrament meeting, but... we can't get in that habit right?! You yell inside the chapel, so we spent the time outside in a chair. 
It was loud.
That's okay.
Hopefully we are one step closer to all being able to stay in the chapel.
You had 2 teeth come through recently! That makes the count a total of 7!!!
Four on top, three on bottom.
I love your crooked smile, as does everyone else.
You started throwing things. We toss balls to each other. You also toss food, which lets me know you are done. You have taken well to sippy cups, but love when we help you drink from a cup.
You still LOVE to read! You will bring us a book, sit on our lap and not even half way through you get up and grab us another one. You're favorite books are "The Twelve Bots of Christmas" and "Baby Animals". 
You are pretty much saying your first word! (Besides Dada), you say "Buh!" which usually means "Boo!". You always say it when we start a grand old game of peek-a-boo. 

I was singing to you before I put you down for sleep.
You were curled up against my chest with your head on my shoulder.
You nuzzled your head into the curve of my neck.
I love holding you. You are getting busier and faster than ever.
It's nice to hold you close, and I love that you don't want to let go.
I whispered to you. 
I said "I love you".
I've never meant something more than I mean that.

I love you.
Love Mommy


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