Life Cycle of a Cloth Diaper

I've had a few people asking about how we take care, store, and wash our diapers.
I know everyone has their own way of doing it, and it's nice to see a bunch of different ways so you can come up with your own.
I present, The Life Cycle of a Cloth Diaper!

The Beginning.
A fresh, rolled and stuffed diaper living in a small but cozy space.
I keep my diapers in an awesome holder that my  mom and aunt made for me.
Grab one from here, apply to baby bum, and wait.

The good the bad and the stinky age.
Baby's gone boom boom. Or pee-pee. Either way, it's time for the next stage.
Remove from baby bum (I feel like I'm being WAY too obvious here......)
Dump the boom boom, take out the insert, roll up into the shell, and deposit into diaper pail.
I love our Munchin diaper pail! (Target).
It came with a blue ring that has a (tiny) blue bag attached. I cut that bag off, and left just the ring.
Instead of using and having to buy a million of the overpriced blue bags, I use a garbage bag! It's great!
They are much cheaper and I re-use them. I put some soap and water in them, shake it around good, rinse a few times and hang upside down in my shower. By the time the diapers are dry, so it that! It's always good to get a new one every few loads though.

Next step, the washing.
A rough but renewing time for the cloth diapers.
(Can't get much worse than being pooped on though)
There are a few detergents that I've had recommended to me for diaper washing. Most of them are really expensive or are made by an amish community in the East. BUT luckily my mother-in-law was using this detergent while we were living with them, and THIS is on that list!
Make sure it's ALL Free and Clear. Free and Clear makes it safer for the diapers fabric, but also safer for baby bums all around the world!
That beauty on the left is Doterra OnGuard Cleaning Concentrate. (aka my favorite cleaning product ever) I only use this every once in a while. If you think your diapers need a little refreshing, use a tablespoon of this. It's all natural, kills germs like CRAZY and smells like you died and went to Wassail heaven. (It seriously smells like Wassail! Or fall, whichever you like more.) Just drop a table spoon of that in there, and ZING! It's a great refresh.

 I use Super Heavy or Heavy wash. It just makes sense. You wanna beat what ever is in those diapers out of there right?

I do a Full Water Level, more water, more rinsing, more clean buns all around.
Wash Temp is a HOT! Hot water = germ killing beast.
Extra Rinse. Do I really need to explain why.
Fabric Softener... I don't. I always use Vinegar for my fabric softener in all my other loads of wash. But when I use it for this it seems like it makes the diapers kinda stinky when baby goes pee-pee.

After the wash.
Diapers are renewed and ALMOST ready to go!
I hang my diapers and inserts on this bad boy. My parents and sister got me this for Christmas so I wouldn't have drying diapers hanging on every piece of furniture in my little home.

Once dry, you just need to stuff them, roll them and put them back in the drawer/box/diaper holder etc.......... and Huzzah! You have fresh diapers for baby!

I love my cloth diapers. I realize it's not for everyone, if you don't want them then don't get them!
I also have been loving my Sun Baby Diapers. (I'm not being paid or anything to say this).
They are I think $5-6 dollars a piece, when most companies have you paying $20-30. (blech)
Hope that gave you some insight on our process and will help you find your own.
Here's to clean buns!


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Kayla said...

wow this was way informative. I honestly had no idea of the process on how you do all of this, so it was really interesting! I wish I could 'PIN' this, I'm sure people on pinterest would like it!