Dreams and nightmares.

Hi baby Tiny.
Last week we went to Gloria's Little Italy, a charming Italian restaurant in downtown Provo. It was our family lunch date.
We had never been to downtown Provo as a family before, and I was more than ecstatic to take some pictures!

Daddy ordered a drink he had a lot in Italy. It's called Chinotto, and it has a terrible after taste. 

 We had to order some gelato for you before we had time to find what we wanted on the menu. Have I ever mentioned how much energy you have? (hazelnut gelato = tasty happiness)

 The food was great, and the scene was nice. I really love it there. Being inside the restaurant made it so easy to pretend we were really in Italy. It's like a dream.

On a not so happy topic, you have had two night-terrors in less than a week.
The word terror is too perfect for the event.
We wake up to you screaming. Never before have I ever heard a more frightening sound. Fear mixed with unimaginable pain, it makes me want to sink into the ground.
It gets even worse after we pick you up. You are only half awake, and you have no idea what you want. You continue to scream and point us around. I'm guessing you are just looking for something that would calm you, but nothing seems to.
Luckily, a show or a movie is usually what helps calm you down after 20 minutes of terror.
After we watch a show for a bit, you are calm enough to be put back down to sleep.

Sigh... I wish you never had to have nightmares.
The second night this happened we were able to understand the situation and help much faster.
I researched it a bit that same night after your second terror, and it seems to be caused by sleep deprivation. The days that led to the incidents only included 1 nap, and you normally have 2.
You have missed naps before, and I'm not sure why this came from no where, but we are planning on doing all we can to get your 2 naps in!!! And if there is some reason that doesn't happen, we will have an earlier bedtime to ensure enough sleep.
I love you baby girl. You are so much fun. You have so much energy and personality.
I'm sorry you have nightmares. It's a part of life. But we will always be here to pull you from them, and help you realize that they aren't real, that love is the only real thing.
Goodnight Buns.
Love Mommy.

Mommy Q's-
Any moms out there have experience with night terrors? What are your experiences and lessons learned from them? Please feel free to comment and share!


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