Fort Cozies

Tiny. I'm so excited for Fall, and it's coming quickly. It will be exciting for you to experience it as a walking toddler. One cold morning I decided to make a fort for us. Without Daddy's help, fort making ends with a sad product. It ended up just being a blanket, tied to various things, hanging over the futon mattress. We still enjoyed it, and I'm missing it right now. It was cozy, and I was craving cozy.

We play with Lizzy and Robyn a lot, which is fun! I love seeing you with other kids because it's usually just you and I. 
You say "thank you" a lot, and it's my favorite word to hear you say. It sounds like "deeeee doooo". Ah, I ask you to say it all the time just so I can hear it and smile afterward. You use it correctly most of the time, but sometimes you say it when you give something to me. Haha. You're a smart girl.
You love sitting in a "big girl" chair and drinking from cups (good thing too, we can't find your sippy cup anywhere!)
You have fallen in love with doing puzzles. I can't wait to get more for you. You play with your baby doll. You help her "walk" upright through the kitchen. When you say "baby" it sounds more like "dee dee". So adorable...
We love to go on walks. There is a canal just a few houses down, there were ducks there a few weeks ago, but we haven't seen them in a while. But you love to look for "Ish" in the water and you pretend to see them. You look at me and gasp with your hand over your mouth, "ISH!!! ISH!!!" haha, I just laugh. 
You are so much fun... You are slowly taking to coloring more. I'm looking forward to that. 
I work in the morning, and Daddy has school and work. Aunt Jaime is amazing, and you play there for a few hours while I work. Good thing you have such fun cousins! It's hard to leave you there, knowing that I will miss a morning with you. It just makes seeing you after work ten times better.
We are all tired and need to sleep. 
We love you.
Love Mommy.


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