New place...

Our new place is charming. It's a small old house (that still has a grandma scent, especially when you open the cupboards)
We have a few apple trees that we take advantage of. We are only half way through September, but we've already made apple pie twice! Hmmmm! So good.
We had a lawn put in by the landlord, and in a week it should be ready to play on!
Our porch is lovely. It is in the shade of our possibly dying chestnut tree, and our whole street is shaded with trees. Our neighbors and nice and love sharing their extra produce from their gardens.
Shane likes to play his guitar out there while we sit and listen.

Our vacations posts aren't over, but I wanted to share these pictures before seasons changed too much.

We have a lot of decorating to do, but that always takes a few months. 
We are comfortable here.


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Mekenzie @ said...

Ohhhh your house is so cute. I've always wanted a front porch like that. I'm excited to see more pictures of your house!