he- he- heeeeeeeey.

So. How are you? Yeah, its been over 2 months. So what? I know you've been dying for an annoying picture update about everything we've been doing in the past 2-3 months. I don't even know if we can do that. Unfortunately, on most of our vacation photos are in a photo format that can't be uploaded to blogger. So.... now I get to go back and change them all into jpegs. Let me see what pictures and stories I can share with you...
Okay people! We have Marine World pictures ready!
So we went on a week long vacation to Northern Cali. We got to spend time with my aunt, uncle and cousins that we dont get to see very often which was fun! We also went to a different place that we've never been to almost every day!
Day 1: Marine World (its not actually called that anymore... its 6 Flags something or other)

This picture was taken just after Tae threw the "Seals" pamphlet over board into the seals pool and the worker was trying to fish it out. :'D HAHA!
 Dad and Tae
 Mom and Tae

It was honestly too hot to have the camera out a lot, as you can see with my small amount of pictures.
I cant wait to show you the pictures of the San Fransisco Day! Gorgeous.



Mekenzie @ interiorsbykenz.com said...

Such cute pictures!

Kayla said...

So cute! haha I love that she threw the pamphlet over into the water. I MISS YOU GUYS