Hello :) Today is the day I get to show you some pictures from our trip to San Fran. It's so pretty there...
First stop in San Fran was Alcatraz.
It's gorgeous there...

Then we just walked around near the Warf. Looking into stores and restaurants.

The last stop of the night was Chinatown! Honestly, I LOVE CHINESE FOOD!!! It has to be my favorite food. I couldn't wait to eat Chinese food that seems (whether it is or not) more authentic Chinese food. AH! My tummy is growling just thinking about it!

Well. Thats all for now.
Expect more Summer updates that are a few months too late.
I'm going to go and dream about Chinese food.

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Mekenzie @ said...

These pictures made me so happy! Me and Aaron went on our honeymoon to San Francisco. Looking at these brought back lots of memories :) And you are such a great photographer!