Dresses and Dinos

I didn't make a New Years Resolution to blog more, because I just don't think it's that important, SO no inspirational talk from THIS girl!
But I have cute pictures and stories :)

Hey Tiny Buns,
Things have been busy here, as usual around the holidays. We stayed at Gigi's for a week while Daddy stayed in Logan and worked on his project and work.
Then came Christmas...
then Mommy and Daddy's anniversary, then New Years and THEN your birthday!!!

Christmas was fun! You got spoiled, as expected.
Dad and I went to 2 movies and shopping for our anniversary. We saw Enders Game and Catching Fire, you were dying to know that weren't you?
New Years was fun, but ended early. We went over to Aunt Jaime's and devoured some Chinese food. Hmmm.. mom's favorite. Then Jaime's friends came over and the grown ups played games while you kiddies watched Beauty and the Beast.
Then we were going to put all the kids to bed and play more games but... I was struck with a really weird sickness... called overeating, and something else because I couldn't stand up without passing out. (don't ask, it was weird). And you kept screaming your little Tiny head off and didn't want to sleep. So we headed home around 10:00. You and I were asleep by 10:30 and Daddy stayed up and watched shows. Poor guy. But we got plenty of sleep AND had a great day the next day.

Your birthday is for another post :)
Now that we are done with holiday recaps, here is what I wanted to focus on.
Your first Tea Party.
Your cousin Molly had a Tea Party birthday celebration and YOU were invited!
You actually got a tea set for Christmas, but we hadn't really used it yet.
Aunt Jaime let us borrow a princess dress, because we are not owners of one yet.
We made crowns and wands, had scrumptious lunch, and watched Sofia the First. Then Molly opened presents and then we went into Molly's room and played with every toy imaginable!
It was so fun to watch you play with your cousins your age without distractions.
It was also fun to do something so girly, because I don't think I'm very good at that.
I love the contrast because you had so much fun at the party, but as of right now you LOVE dragons and dinosaurs. Haha. Good balance I'd say.

You were all such pretty princesses.
I love you babes.
Love Mommy.


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mandy dominici said...

That little party is the cutest thing that ever happened.