Beds and Ballerinas- Tiny Tuesday

Again... not a Tuesday

Heya buns!
You've hit some big milestones! Sometime last week you woke up multiple times during the night and climbed out of your crib. You would walk around and cry because you couldn't see anything! You even ran into a wall once. We realized that we should probably change your crib into a toddler bed in order to keep you safe, because nothing was stopping you from climbing out of bed.
So we did. I honestly couldn't wait to do it!
You played on it all day! Luckily you were even dressed as a ballerina that day. So it was double the cute.

 You were being so silly.

 The two sides of you....... haha.

 I'm glad I caught this picture of your hair... I love it.
 I moved the giant rocking chair out of the way so we had SO much more room to play.
As a result I'm dying to get a smaller wooden rocking chair to replace it. It makes the room much more fun to play in if there is more wide open space.
As a result of the new and easier way to get out of bed, you kept getting out of bed and going to your bedroom door. I was going to loose it, I was getting pretty worried about what to do after a while...
Then your dad (your smart dad!) got home from school and he had an idea. Everytime you came to the door one of us would pick you up and put you back in bed and say "it's time to go to sleep Tae".
Miraculously you learned after doing that about 4 times!
So life in a toddler bed has gone well since then.

You also have been "singing". Your cousins left a singing Ariel doll at the house and you love to sing a long with her. She sings "la la la la la" and you sing a long "wa wa wa wa wa". You are adorable.
Tonight we were dancing to Tangled music and we spun around and laughed. Then you started singing. Ah... you precious child. I love to hear you sing.

The other day we were making buttermilk cookies. You are finally interested in cooking with me! I let you hold the handle with me as we used the mixer. You got so excited! You screamed and stomped your feet. Then you leaned over and gave me a big wet kiss and continued to scream and laugh.
I love you Buns.

You use more words, but only once. I think you just like to tease us by only saying a word once, then keep up begging for you to say it again. You are started to love to read even more. You love coloring with PENS (which has caused a few stains on the futon cover). You mostly draw very small and precisely with your head very close to the page. I picked up a paper that you had drawn on for a few minutes and there was just a triangle shape of a bunch of small scribble spots. You are so funny.

I love you lots. It is supposed to snow tomorrow and I'm PRAYING that it does! This year you will appreciate and (hopefully) love snow! :)
Goonight Babes.
Love Mommy


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