Hello April, a Tiny Tuesday

"April showers bring May flowers"
I believe it. Even though it's only been one day.
It's been rainy the past few days babe. I'm hoping I'll be a cool enough mom tomorrow to take you out and splash in all the puddles. Will you remind me?
Any nice day that's given to us we spend outside. Mostly blowing bubbles and throwing rocks onto the sidewalk. (sorry neighbors). You also love digging in the dirt with sticks. It's fun to watch you walk around and poke things and try and dig holes.
Man, that seems like so long ago! Maybe I'm being over dramatic, but it really seems like it's been rainy for week!
BUT I shouldn't complain too much. Our grass is SO green! All this rain is a good way to start off spring.
Last Saturday most of your Hill cousins were able to come to Logan and spend the day. We met them at the park and ate lunch. Then we pushed you in the swing LITERALLY the whole time we were there! You LOVE to swing! You call it "weeee", because that's what you are yelling most of the time you are in the swing. You didn't want to go down slides or run and play with your other cousins, you just wanted to swing. It's so cute. Whenever we leave a park you say "weeee, na!" which means, "swing again!?" So I tell you we will go again as soon as we can.

We rented "Frozen" the day it came out. Naturally you love the songs and the funny snowman. You call it "ICE!" and every time something starts to freeze during the show you say "iccccceeeee". Smarty.
You can't wait to go to Gigi's house next week. Especially now that I've told you she has "Ice" and we can watch it.

I hope I'll be better and writing to you babe. Hopefully with warmer weather on the way and more opportunities to take pictures, it will come easier.

You are so cheerful, funny, lovely and smart.
You love to pretend to whisper to Elmo... even if your doll isn't around.
You always talk about birds. Dad brought a bird home from trapping and you watched it fly around. You say "birdy fly!!!" and you clap your hands over your mouth and laugh so hard.
You are an amazing baby doll caretaker. You bring me blankets to swaddle them in, then you put them to bed with kisses. We also hide them in the closet while we make animal noises. Just so you know, you can't do that with actual babies. That might be hard for you to accept once your baby sister is here.
Your favorite thing to do in the whole world.... I would say.... is having your daddy throw you onto the bed. We do it at least once a day.

Tomorrow we have joy school and will hopefully get to play with our friend Molly.
Keep sleeping tight babes. I'll see you at 7:30 tomorrow morning, right on the dot!
Love Mommy
 You love to draw. I love to take pictures of you.

Cuddling with Dad in our "nook" after a bath.


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Mekenzie @ interiorsbykenz.com said...

I love these posts so much. You are such a loving and wonderful mother! I love the picture of her drawing so much. Good luck teaching her not to hide baby sis in the closet :)