Oregon trip

My titles are very original.
We went on a trip that we've been dying to go on since before we got married. Shane told me all about it. It's his favorite place in the world. The Redwoods!
It was also nice to think of it as a vacation before baby #2 comes along.
So we packed our bags, and our friend Karl and left Buns with Gigi. I cried.
Then we drove the 15 hours it takes to get to Oregon.
It's so green! My favorite part about it was that we would be driving through this gorgeous forest, then all the sudden the beach breaks through on your right! Here in Utah, you have forests, and the beach is somewhere you dream of.
But there, in Oregon it's all right there. You can go on a hike through the greenest forest you've ever seen, then go and have some hot dogs on the beach! We actually did just that. Except I didn't eat hot dogs. Hot dogs are the devils food.

Enjoy some pictures. Some are terrible.


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Mekenzie @ interiorsbykenz.com said...

1- You are the best looking pregnant lady I've ever seen!

2- These pictures are great. You are so talented.