Taegey Ballerina- Tiny Tuesday

Hey babes.
A lot has happened since I last wrote.
We brought Gianni up here to live with us and it's been going as well as possible.
You got terribly sick one night last week. You threw up and couldn't keep anything down until 6 in the morning, then finally slept a few hours. After that you perked up quite a bit! It was the first big sickness you've had. It was so hard to see you so tired and sad but you just didn't feel good enough or comfortable enough to sleep. I'm so glad you are doing better.
We both have colds now, but I'd take that over a tummy bug any day.
You are getting good at talking, and most of the time we know what you are trying to say. The other day you said "'Lo! Nenny bobby der" (translation: hello! Anybody there?!" I had never heard you say "anybody" before, so I was happy to hear your cute rendition of it

Yesterday you had your dance recital.
As a parent it was so fun to go and see your perform. It was a first for both of us.
Luckily enough Daddy didn't have any finals that day, and Grandma Hill was able to come see you too! I was so proud of you the whole time. You were a good listener, you were nice to the other girls, and you are a great dancer! You take your princess walk very seriously!

I don't know if that was the first of many or the only dance recital... but I can't wait to find out what you really love to do.
No matter what it is we will be here for you. We will be so proud of you.
Always do your best.
Don't compare yourself to others. Just try and be better than you were before.
You are so beautiful Taegan. You have the most contagious smile and you glow with love.
I'm so glad you are my babes.
Love Mommy

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