The time we moved to Hawaii

Here we are, living in Hawaii.
I wanted to blog about our stay here. I realize I've almost completely dropped blogging, but I take so many pictures and they seemed so wasted if I don't share them in some way.

We moved to the east side of the Big Island. The rainy side. I didn't think too hard about the "rainy side" bit until we got here. It rains here, a lot. We go on walks and you usually can't make it through a a 5 minute walk with out getting at-least sprinkled on, if not poured on. But the great part is that because of all that rain it's SO GREEN HERE!!! The area we are in has a house then usually a lot next to it, then a house, then a lot or two. But those "lots" are basically jungle. Everything grows here. I can't think of anything that wouldn't thrive here besides a cactus.
You know what else thrives here? Roosters. WILD roosters. There are so many of them.... I can't even begin to explain. Well.... it seems like there are tons of them in the morning when there are non-stop crowing!!! It's not so bad right now, but the first few days was crazy. Then they just wander through the yard throughout the day. We also have geckos living with us. I'd rather not have them here but everyone says they eat the bugs... so I'm hoping that having bugs would be worse than living with lizards, haha.

My sweet amazing mother flew over here with me and the girls while Shane came out early to get his trapping and planning started. We wanted her to see as much as she could while she was here. We went to a few fun places. We also wanted to go to a ton of places because we are shipping our car here and it won't be here until JANUARY 20TH! So yes, I've spent a week at a new home with no car or friends. Minus one day when we caught a ride to church with a fellow member. Basically I'm saying that I'm really proud of myself because I'm still sane, haha.
Mostly because Shane and Avery haven't been too busy this week, haha. Also, that explains why I have so many pictures, because what else am I going to do? Ha!

  This is a Japanese Garden they have in Hilo. It was so cute!

 Turns out it was right next to the ocean which we stumbled upon as we walked to the other side of the garden. So naturally we had to take a walk through.

 This is Coconut Island. A tiny island that has a warning sign to look out for falling coconuts. We happily stumbled upon this too.

 This is Avery, our new friend and roommate (pray for her sanity) haha. We love her.

 This is us playing in our front yard.

 Our yard is VERY muddy.

I've got more pictures, but I don't want to toss them out here at one time.
Stay tuned. And make a snow angel for me.


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