This is for Shane.

Five years ago today we got married. I was orange as a carrot from foolishly spray tanning the night before. And you forgot to get a haircut. But you still look ace.

Now we are living in Hawaii. With two babies. We've moved ten times in five years. You taught me to love tomatoes, and now that I'm allergic to them I miss eating them. You've taught me to be calm, even when I don't want to be. You've taught me to have faith. You've helped me through anxiety. You've made me laugh  a million times. You've made me cry a few times but that's because I'm usually pms-ing. You always tell me that I'm good at photography and painting even though I feel like giving up. You are the best dad to our little girls. You have passion for nature and you don't let things stand in the way of that love.
I'm so glad we are here.
Five years later.

Even though you spent today trapping and gutting rats, and I spent the day sweating to death in our house and making a dozen quesadillas it was a great day because we are together.
You are my best friend.

Also, it's your fault you didn't get a Christmas present, because we agreed to not get each other anything. :)


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