Black Cliffs and Classical Mushy books.

I had to look through the blog to see what pictures I had posted and hadn't yet.
I CAN'T BELIEVE I've only posted TWO TIMES!!!! I have so many pictures to post.....

Maybe I'll just bomb this post with pictures.

As you should all know, Hawaii was created by volcanoes. We live on the youngest and largest island. Therefore, we live near volcanoes. Which explains why we have black sand beaches, no?

We went to see the ocean one day (forever ago) and found some delightfully stunning black cliffs. Take a peek.

 Look at the swirls of the dried lava!!! So cool.

 Cutest 4 year old I've ever seen.

 When you find a dead crab and you've GOT to have it as a hair accessory.

I feel like I'm getting used to living here. I don't wake up confused about where I am, so that's a good sign right?
I'm dying to take some pictures for someone, but I only have my family and Avery to drag around and smile for me.

Something big has happened!
I read Pride and Prejudice!!!(kind of). I tried reading it multiple times in Jr. High and High School and I always thought the same thing. "This is boring and I have no idea what is going on". So I'd quit.
But my brother-in-law, Sam, lent me Pride and Prejudice and ZOMBIES! I'm a huge zombie fan. Now THAT'S a book I can get through. In fact I LOVED it and now I want to read the original book. So I guess I'm officially a mushy-romantic-book mom. Check that off my Accidental Bucket List.
I also had to watch Sense and Sensibility. My newly discovered love for Jane Austin books and my love of Alan Rickman (rest in peace) drew me to watch that. Guess what. I loved it and now I also want to read Sense and Sensibility.
What is happening to me?!?!

Sidenote: someone at church told me that it actually gets way hotter here in the summer. So maybe I will just live at the beach starting in May.

Enjoy the photos and pray that my landscape photography improves 100 fold.


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