Keeping busy and chilis.

I might have mentioned this a couple times, but we have no car.
The girls and I just try and get creative and endure what we can while staying at home all day. Luckily we do have a park near us, but there are usually puddles or wet sand there so it usually turns a normal day into a bath day. 
We don't have tons of toys here. We do have a TV. As much as I don't like having shows playing for hours at a time, it's better than every one crying and wanting to explode from the inside.. 
However, things HAVE been much better than I could have imagined. We have rough days but they end and new days come. I really couldn't be more grateful for how things have gone here.
Here are some pictures of somethings we find to do here when Shane is gone and when he his home.

 Blowing pom poms through funnels in to a bowl.
 Taegan being beautiful

 Eating nanas and having messy faces

Playing with fairies in a juice fairy house.
If anyone is looking for great/cheap and imaginative toy there have a bag of fairies, mermaids, and princess at Target in the dollar section. They are small and remind me of a girlish version of army men.
 The girls love to assist Shane and Avery in their work right when they get home.
They helped them get their mongoose traps stacked up into the car. They did get distracted by the water dripping from the roof though.

 One of the many papaya trees in our yard. I tried an over ripe one and it was nasty... so I need to give them another chance, haha.

 This is our little house.

Want to hear a story of chaos?
Look at these adorable little chilis. We have multiple bushes of these in our yard. One day I thought it would be fun to pick some and hang them on our Christmas Tree because we had a creative and homemade Christmas tree this year. So the girls and I each grabbed a handful and headed inside.

I told Taegan to hand one to Shane and have him taste it. He licked on and said it tasted way too hot to bite into (and if you know Shane then you know that must be really hot!).
Right after he finished saying that, Daphne was chewing up on of the chilies in her mouth!!!
I grabbed the milk and tried to pour a cup for Daph's little mouth. Our ears were greeted by a terrible scream. Taegan had touched the peppers to her upper lip. Now two children were screaming and climbing on me while I tried to pour ONE glass of milk for TWO suffering children.
Daphne seemed to recover well (by some miracle. She also eats sriracha with Shane on the daily)
but Taegan had a rough time getting the sting off of her upper lip. But watching a show made it better, like usual. HAHAHA! Such madness. All for some ghetto Christmas decor.



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