Birfdays and Crafffts!

I have yet to figure out how to rotate pictures, but its okay. 
This is our friend Jorge with Shane at Smiths about a year ago. This is in honor of his BIRTHDAY!!!! 
We are throwing a birthday party for him and Nicole on Monday (they share a birthday :))
So hopefully we will have pictures of that!
Today at work we are going to have a "Birthday Party" for all the Kindergartners! An all around b-day party! So when my Soils class is over (I'm currently in this class :) hehe) I'm going home and making mini cupcakes for all the children! (supplies for mini cupcakes, thank you mandy!)
I will take pictures of that too... I hope. haha

I have sketches of (and some supplies) for some grand crafts!
First, I'm making 2 pillowcases that have a beard and girl hair form made out of yarn! 
It will be something like this, pretty close. haha.
Then my next craft is hair do-eys! I have detailed sketches of these all over in all my notebooks since November! I'm so stoked! So I will start working on those, seeing how the will come together! WOO!

I also have a new goal to take more pictures, cause pictures are fun :).
Well I'm off, I might listen to my lecture, or I might shop online to find ideas for Shane's birthday present. We'll see! haha!
"No person has the right to rain on your dreams." Martin Luther King :) 


kayla and tyler said...

cool font hansel! i love that you are into making crafts. teach me next weekend? and I love that your picture stays in the same place as you scroll down the page. how did you do that? I am so excited you are making those pillows, you've gotta show us a picture once they are done! :) happy birthday heywhore. ;)

April said...

:) min - I'm so glad Kayla told me about your blog! so fun to see all that you are doing!