Here are the cute little cupcakes before baking! Mandy got the little cups for me at my bridal shower! They are so cute!
 Here they are after baking and icing and sprinkling :D

OKAY! Here are the "hair do-eys!" The top one is for little people, like younger than 5 or something.
 And the one on the left if for older people! I'm planning on connecting them to headbands, slip combs, and clips! These are my first two, so there are a few things sticking out randomly which I will fix. But they came out so well! I am seriously so happy! My pillows arent coming along as nicely, but these made my day haha.
 And here is my dear hubby face :) very tired, right before we came to Subway cause I was craving a rootbeer (its 1 in the morning). What a kind sir he is!
I was going to post pictures of the kindergarten birthday party, but I dont know if its legal to put pictures of the kids up, so I'll find out haha!
Well goodnight! I need to let my husbando get some sleep :) BYE!


Heather said...

Way cute clips!! Brooklyn would like a couple. I have a peanut butter cookie recipe that you use your small muffin tins. Let me know if you want one.

mandy dominici said...

I am glad the cupcake things work. Your hair do-eys are super cute!