Fooey Research...

   While I am researching Dreamcatchers for my paper due tomorrow, I thought I should post.

I often find myself confused when it comes to what I should wear, and how I should do my hair (or if I should do it at all.. :)).
I think my personality and style are split between two very opposite things... think of it this way, one part of me loves the style of Zooey Deschanel... (left) Old fashioned, cute hair, very dainty I suppose you could say.

But the other side is leaning towards... oh I dunno.... Punky Brewster! Mismatched socks (ever since 8th grade!) "I wear what I want" kinda attitude.
Sigh... its a real mystery. 

  Anyways, I had a way fun weekend! We went home (Orem) and played with my family (except I didnt get to see Kayla and Tyler! :() and Shane got a new phone! Its pretty cool. Then I downgraded to my old LG Chololate cause... they are the best phones ever! Thats why! haha.
  Then we went to our other home (West Jordan) and played with Shane's friend Bran who just got home from his mission! It was fun! On sunday we went to his homecoming talk and open house. Then on our way home that night we stopped by Mandy and Mikey's house for a little bit and watched an episode of X-files! Haha it was fun to see them! 
  Now... we are back at school. I have a paper due tomorrow, and a math test on Wednesday. I think one day I will actually miss going to school... do you think? Does that actually happen? I only say that because usually when you are past a stage in your life you usually miss it, even though you love the new stage you are in. Haha.
  So ever since I was probably in 9th grade I've dreamt of what I would name my future children. And even though we will hopefully not be having kids for a few years (haha knock on wood), I would like to share with you my thoughts on baby names!
             GIRLS- Everly Louise
                           Nora Elaine
                           Daphne ______
                           Eva ______
             BOYS- Dason North
                          Gianni (johnny- its italian) Val
                          Casimir (for Shane's sake haha).
  There were a few more, but I dont have my sketch book with me where I wrote all of them down haha!
  Well I need to get a few cool ideas for a creative picture! My old high school teacher asked me to send him a few cool pictures I've taken, and he is going to print it as big as he can and hang it in his classroom and let me sign it with my graduation year. I'm way stoked! It made me feel a tiny bit famous haha. So hopefully I can get some cool ones put together.
  Well I'm off to research dreamcatchers more (all the websites say the same thing... and I need to have 3 sources haha!) But you should check out my sister-in-laws etsy page! Its way cute!
Check it out! 
Okay bye!
"No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars, or sailed to an uncharted land, or opened a new doorway for the human spirit." 
I think it was Helen Keller that said that... But dont get me started on how Helen Keller could of said anything... 
Have a great day! :D


kayla and tyler said...

haha, remember when you first heard the name punky brewster?! some of my friends said you dressed like her! and here you are!! haha. you have cute style min. it's very 'you'.
PS. i'm still bummed I didn't get to see you this weekend. also, I had no idea you went back to your chocolate! does it work better than your newer phone?

mandy dominici said...

haha! You are so nice to promote my little etsy store. Those baby names are super cute!

jadie said...

Haha, people tell me that I remind them of Punky Brewster too! Lol. And the funny thing is, I have NO idea who that is! It's good to finally see a photo of who I remind people of. :)

MIKEY said...

Man! Helen Keller jokes always get me!! Soo funny! sorry to comment so much, I'm just reading all the quotes at the end.