Great news! We got our math tests back and Shane got a 89% and I got 85% (thats really good for me haha!) Shane is so smart! Yay for a smart husband :D.
Random Updates- starting now.
1. I switched the direction and style of my bangs.
2. We bought the 3rd Season of X-files, it should hopefully get here today.
3. Shane got 100% on his biology test!
4. My birthday is in a week, I have one week left to be a teenager! AH!
5. Our house was really clean during the weekend.
6. We get to visit our homes this weekend :D!
7. I have an art project due next thursday and I have to spend 20 hours on it...... beards.
8. Shane got a cool new shirt from the Wildlife Society.
9. Shane gets to go to California in March almost for FREE!
10. We are going to the temple tonight with Jaime and Peter, and we're eating dinner at their house.
11. My room could possibly be the messiest room in the history of the world :)
12. Its Sarah's birthday this Saturday.
13. We should be getting the rest of our wedding pictures this weekend woo woo!
14. I love Harry Potter, and I have watched all but one of the movies in the past week while sketching.
15. My big sister should have a baby cause I want to hold one :) hahaha!
16. I much desire to paint or draw something cool... or maybe read some HP :)
17. We made potato soup on Monday, easily the best rainy day food.
18. Its almost Valentines Day! hooooohaaaa!

Anyways, thats a pretty good update :) wouldn't you say?
Have a wonderful WONDERFUL day!
"We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are."
Thank you for that J.K. Rowling!


Cavanaughs said...

Funny fact: my singles ward bishop quoted that from HP over the pulpit one sunday.

kayla and tyler said...

Haha! This whole list made my laugh. Your so funny min. Sorry, no babies happening over here! Ya know now that you are married, you could make your own baby. Do it. The baby would look similar to Molly!!!... precious!