Peppers, Crafts, Windows, and Fishies

Hello all.
I was able to get a picture of my cardiscarf!
A sly sly cardigan is hidden in that scarf!

Also I want to tell you about Valentines Day! Shane and I woke up and decided to skip class for the day. So we slept more and woke up and made crepes. It was so fun any yummy :D. Then we made our way over to Petsmart to buy our fishies! We now own 1 frog (febby) and 3 fish (jorge, mulder, and scully). We had our other frog die and our snail. But life moves on right? Haha. Then after work we went out to Le Nonne (a very nice Italian Restaurant!) It was such a fun and nice day!
Then my birthday was on Wednesday! Shane was so nice and got me lots of cute stuff! I wanted an old window from an antique store that I can fix up and make a cool craft idea I had, along with sandpaper, paint all that stuff in order to fix it up. He got me a very vintage wire bodice coat hanger! It sounds weird but its way cute haha! See!
We are going to plan our future home decor around this beauty!
I am so lucky to have Shaney. He is so cute and patient and so so so funny! I love him :)
Then after a long day of FUN, I chose to go to Firehouse Pizza for dinner, and when Shane and I walked in I was greeted to my SURPRISE party!!!! WOO! I've never had a surprise party in my entire life!!! It was so fun! Jaime, Peter, Andrea, Tina, Nicole, Megan and Chels were there! So we ate delicious pizza, cake and fazookies! Sooooo yummy! See! Shane's the best :) it was a fun fun birthday. Now I'm officially 20 years old!

As far as crafting goes, I'm proud to announce that I am getting very far along in a lot of my crafts! First, my window! Under the old old paint, there was this weird layer of plastic type stuff. It makes it hard for the paint to stay on the corners of the windows, but I've done all I can do. It'll end up looking good :)

My beard pillow plan is coming along nicely :). It takes a long time to make each "hair" but its coming along and soon I will start working on the girl's hair (my hair). Next step after that, sewing them onto pillow cases!

The other night Jaime and Peter came over and we made dinner for them! They usually make it for us (they are so nice haha poor guys) so it was fun to have them over! We made Stuffed Green Peppers!
I'm pretty sure everyone liked them :D, except Shane. He took a couple bites of "not quite cooked all the way" beef, and I didnt tell him of its status. So he had a tummy ache for a while. BUT he got better! :D

Thanks to Shane's friend Branigan, we have discovered more good music! The Tallest Man on Earth! Its pretty cool :) I like his voice live more however. So if you want click here and listen to one of my favorites.

Well I'm off to watch Jurassic Park with Shaney :)
Farewell all!
"Sometimes it’s a form of love just to talk to somebody that you have nothing in common with and still be fascinated by their presence." - David Byrne

Adios :)

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kayla and tyler said...

haha a sly sly cardigan is hidden in that scarf! and I love your metal bodice thing, that's awesome!! also- great picture you've got up there on the wall! i'm glad you had a great v day and bday!