Best Day...

Yesterday (the past 24 hours actually) is now on record as one of my favorite days of my life.
It started out rough, but after I got through my test (that I guessed on half of it and still got 82%!) it got better.
It was so warm. The sun was out. It seems like years since I'd really felt the sun since Logan is always 20 degrees.
We went to the grocery store, planning for 2 amazing conference breakfasts.
We went home and took a nap with the window open.
I watered my flowers.
I went to work wearing sandals and shorts.
There is something about sitting in the sun and basking in it while on an elementary school playground. I pushed my Kindergarteners on the swings. I made a hopscotch board with chalk on the blacktop and helped one of my little K's discover that he LOVES hopscotch. He played for 30 mins and yelled everytime he was about to go for me to watch him and how good he is. I passed out popsicles to all the kids and ate one myself sitting on the grass. Then I played soccer with the older kids and some of my leader friends. With NO shoes on. In the grass. 
There is something about being surrounded by kids and being able to be a kid yourself again.
When I got home, Shane surprised me with something I've been DYING for. The movie "Tangled". (Its the best!). I was so happy!
We packed up and went to Subway. I've been saving my Subway points up for a REALLY GREAT DAY! And on that day I was going to use my hard earned Subway points to buy a free sandwich. That day was yesterday. This should tell you how great yesterday was.
After eating yummy sandwiches we went to the Rock Haus (climbing gym) for a Wildlife Society Social. We climbed, bouldered, and talked to people. It was so much fun! I love climbing. We are currently thinking about taking a climbing class in the summer.
We walked outside, and it was still warm :).
At home I set up a tent (while Shane felt a little sick) on our big deck. We put our futon pad inside and brought lots of blankets and pillows inside.
The remainder of our night consisted of us watching Tangled inside our tent all cuddled up with blankets.
I fell asleep to and I woke up to sounds of birds chirping, ducks quacking. It was so great to wake up outside. 
THEN!!!!! (no, its STILL not over!) We made crepes with vanilla pudding, nutella, bananas and strawberries! YUM! 
Now we just finished watching Conference at Jaime and Peter's house. 
Its been a great 24 hours. 
I love my husband, he is the best ever!!! He always makes me smile when I'm mad and being stubborn, and can make me laugh any time! He always makes my little wishes and big dreams come true! He made yesterday such a great day, along with good weather, a great job, children and just having a great life!
SIGHHHHHHH!!! :) awesome day. My life rocks.

"Wherever you go, no matter the weather, always bring your own sunshine." - Anthony J. D'Angelo

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