Spring has sprung!

Ah! It is so nice today! I'm sitting outside of the TSC on the grass with a t-shirt and NO jacket! We drove with the windows down yesterday and Shane's mom bought us ice cream and I wasn't even cold when I ate it! Sigh...
It is supposed to rain on Sunday, but thats okay because after that it is supposed to be sunny skies for a week.
Well school is wrapping up, kinda. We only have 5 more weeks left to go until finals are over, then our cruise to Alaska. Then its officially summer!!! Moving to West Jordan for the summer is going to be great! We haven't been up to a whole lot. We've been doing school work, watching Xfiles, I've been getting over a cold (i feel better :D), going to work. The usual.
I planted some flowers in Nutella jars! I call them my nutella plants. 2 of them have sprouted already! :D i'll take a cute picture of them, no worries.
Well I dunno what else to say. Maybe I'll feel like writing later.
"Be a living expression of God's kindness." - Mother Teresa.

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