Great things.

Wanna know about great things today?
I do.
Great things from today are...
- Waking up to a clean room.
- Shane walking me to the bathroom this morning so I wouldn't get back in bed.
- Having "Stacy's Mom" stuck in my head while getting ready (thanks to Shane mentioning the song).
- Jumping and lip syncing around the house while munching on a PB&J that Shane made me for breakfast. (this includes jumping on the couch, where I think my phone has been swallowed up by the jaws of Nevereverever-gonna-find-it-land.)
- Getting to class just in time to hear everything we needed, but not having to sit through the actual class!
- Teaching myself to not be lost in ADD-ness in math class and begin my self-mastery section called "actually learn math".
- Listening to my Soils lecture AND writing on a blog AND I still know whats going on!
- Very curly hair that is getting longer and its pinned up very MarLyn-ishly to the back of my head!
- My soils teacher pronounces Fungi, like Fun- jiiii. As in Sponge-i but minus the sp and add an f. Making sense? Its weird and makes me laugh.
- Knowing I will be spending the remainder of my day drawing my wall for my art project, making a wind-breaker jacket out of plastic bags, and writing a proposal for english. (These are one of times when you feel you have so much to do... and you dont know why.... but somehow you still get it done and the time period after its done becomes a very happy time in your life.) This one is kinda random.
- Watching who-knows-how- many X-files episodes yesterday.
- Its sunny!!!
- Looking forward to everyday that passes is another day closer to Jaime having her babies, and crossing my fingers that "My sister-in-law had twins" is a good enough excuse for possibly not doing my homework (depending on when these lovely children will be born).
-Wearing my bag from Peru!

Wow... today rocks! I should do that everyday!

Now, tell me what you think...
1. We need to re-design our blog. Too much orange. I feel like a construction worker everytime I get on here. Thoughts?
2. Also, minus the fact that i LOVE my Canon Rebel E1skdfjls;dkv;dm ajd (something like that) camera, its huge. Lets accept that fact. Its great for certain things, but the percentage of pictures I usually take has gone down DRASTICALLY since I bought it. Therefore, we are going to buy a small hand-held camera thats only $100 bucks. Then I can grace your eyes and hearts with more pictures on my blog!

Well off to Institute! We have the best teacher ever, Curtis Jacobs... or... Jacob Curtis.... What a cruel name to have... it could go either way!
"We must be willing to let go of the life we planned. So as to have the life that is waiting for us."-?

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