Music Monday

He-he-HEY! Its our first Music Monday!
We chose to go with a Dustin Kensrue song.
Dustin Kensrue is an AMAZING lyricist! I love his lyrics. They tell stories.
The main reason I don't exactly love a lot of popular music because it seems overly... simple? Haha not that I am not a simple person. I hate to do this to my little sister but lets take Justin Beiber for example.
JB Lyrics: "Baby baby baby oh... Baby baby baby oh...I thought you'd always be mine"
Dustin Kensrue lyrics: "you are a sight for aching eyes
a river for my thirst
when all the world is harsh and dry
wasted by the curse 
all words seem better being poured 
then set to single grace 
what could i've know of love before 
my eyes had seen your face."

Can you see what I'm talking about? Haha.
(I can not deny that I do enjoy the typical and simple music for a nice dance party that I enjoy more than weekly)
Listen to Dusin's song, Of Crows and Crowns here.


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Tay said...

Thank you for introducing me to my next favorite artist! He's amazing!