Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday.
Quality time with Chuck Norris.
At the beginning of my Freshman year, my roomies and I went out and spent some quality time together. On the way back to the apartment we all decided that we weren't ready to go back. So we started naming funny things to do like steal a stop sign, chase cars, you know, the basic college stuff. We continued to drive around Logan as our ideas grew crazier and crazier. When all of the sudden the car stopped, someone said "lets steal that garden gnome! come on, they have like 50!" Three or four of them jumped out of the car to kidnap the poor gnome, and the frog he was riding. What did I do? I'm glad you asked. I ducked onto the floor of the car, trying my best to stay out of view from any cops that might happen to be near by. "oh my gosh! you guys don't do this! We are gonna get arrested! We'll get in so much trouble! I am NOT apart of this! Guilty by association is what they would be classified as!...." On and on and on I went. My roomies were either laughing at me, or looking at me with a really annoyed expression on their face. Yeah... I'm from Utah and I'm a wuss. Haha.
So we escaped unscathed by the police, and returned home with our gnome. We named him Chuck Norris.

A few days later I was shopping for a couch with my friend at D.I. (of course). I got a call from my roommate Jen. She sounded really scared, almost tearful.
"MarLyn? You need to come home... like now."- Jen
"........ why?......" -Me
"... the cops are here. They caught us on tape stealing the gnome... they want us all here to talk to us."- Jen
"Jen... are you lying?"- Me (I begin to tear-up)
"No, you really need to get home, you're the last one to get here. Get here soon."- Jen
"Oh my gosh... I knew this would happen.... (a tear slides down my cheek) K I'll be home as soon as possible....." - Me
"BAHAHAHAHA! Are you serious MarLyn?! Haha I'm totally joking. I called to tell you that I made spaghetti if you want some." - Jen
".... JEN!!!!!! WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO ME!"  I begin laughing and nervously shaking from the shock.

and.... the rest? I don't remember. I know I thought that was so funny but I was really shaky for a while. Haha. Good times.


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