05/07/2012 Music Monday

Hey all. This will be a short post, I'm holding Tae and only typing with one hand.
This weeks song is Love Vigilantes by Iron and Wine.
It seems like a sad song at the end... but it just depends on how you interpret it.
So, listen here...  and don't read the rest until you do!

Okay, you listened to it, right?
So when Shane first showed this song to me, I fell in love with it. I love his voice, and how perfectly every part of the song melts together. I think it is so pretty.
Now, the ending. I thought/hoped that he really wasn't dead, and that the telegram was a mistake! I was so happy for a happy ending. But then of course... it could be a sad story... maybe Iron and Wine wanted to pull a Sixth Sense on us. Maybe the solider didn't know he was dead until he got home. Either way, I think his voice is wonderful and his music is lovely. And I don't compliment a lot of things with the word lovely so... yeah.

Let me know what ya think.
p.s. this post is... quite long. please feel free to picture me typing all of this with one and and only a few fingers. now laugh.

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Miss Jenna said...

I sobbed the first time I heard that song, it was right before Jeremy's first deployment after we married. I'm not allowed to listen to it while Jer is deployed.