Great Grandma Young

Hey Tae :)
Today we spent some time with your Great Grandma Young.
Everytime you would look at her you would smile really big. She kept mentioning how badly she wishes she could see you (she can't see well at all). We told her what color of hair and eyes you have. She loved hearing you make funny noises and I put her hand on your leg so she could squish it!
While you were playing with Daddy on the grass she told me a fun story/memory. She told me that when the tree in front of Grandma Hill's house was really small it looked like a dancing girl. The arms came out to the side, she had a small head and a long full dress. When it swayed in the wind it looked like it was dancing. She even wrote a poem about it! I hope I can find it one day.
She also told me to make sure I have lots of kids because there are lots of spirits in the Spirit World that need a good home to come into. Haha. She's a smart lady. She also told me to stay home as much as I can and try not to work if I don't have to. She said "if you give the babies to someone else, you miss them growing up. You miss them being so cute." and "If you body is healthy enough, have babies." Haha, we'll see how many brothers and sisters you will have.
Last summer (before I knew you were on your way) she asked me why I got married. I told her because I loved your dad and because it's a commandment and I wanted to obey. She said "that's nice. But the real reason to get married is to have babies." Haha, she's so sweet.
She told me many times that your dad is a great man. I know that, but when she says it, it seems like she knows more that all of us. She knows what is important.
I wanted you to know a little bit about her incase she can't tell you stories when you are older.
She's very close to the Lord.

May 30, 2012. On Grandma Hill's porch.
She said multiple times that she loves that porch, she thinks it's so pretty.
I'm glad I was able to have time to talk with her so I can tell you all about it. :)
Love you Tae.


Kayla said...

oh this is so cute! haha she sure talks lots about having babies, haha that makes me laugh. she is cute, i met her at Tae's blessing. She is so little. it's funny to see you sitting next to her, cause you are little too but she is so tiny! what a sweet lady!

braids said...

haha i know! she told me that she has shrunk 4 1/2 inches. haha! she is so tiny though.

braids said...
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