Music and Tiny Wednesday 06/06/12

Hey! I've had a busy past 2 days. I started my job :). I work at a city rec center nursery. The best part about this job is that I can bring Tae. AND help bring in some income (more like savings). I didn't take Tae the past 2 days, but from now on I'm planning on it, unless someone is dying to babysit her for a few hours. Haha.
Here is the song for Music Monday. Its called My Girls by Animal Collective. I really like! I'm not 100% sure what the words are... but its cool!

And here is my Tiny Tuesday.
Oh my Tiny. Your nose always seems stuffy, and it's really cute. You tend to have a nose whistle or a snort to share. I wonder if it's just allergies to something...?
Yesterday you spent all day with Nana Goodrich. We went shopping, she bought you new books and some baby Converses! :D I can't wait until you fit in them!
We went to the park the other day with Daddy and the doggies. It was fun and you loved to look at the tree. (pictures to come)
You reach for your bottle now and it's really cute! We bought you a high chair and... you STILL seem to love everything we feed you. Even prunes!
After you are asleep for a little bit, I start to miss you. Right now you are napping on my chest :) it's nice, we haven't done this for a while because you are such a good sleeper.
When you smile you sometimes scrunch your nose and pinch your eyes pretty tight. It's so adorable. That is a brand new trick you started. You have also started to stick your lips out randomly, and after a while you say "whooooo" with your ducky lips. Haha! It makes me laugh so hard! You were also sticking your tongue out at me yesterday! That was fun :) we made funny faces at eachother.
We have family pictures coming up :D I can't wait to have a million gorgeous pictures of you!

You are so beautiful and so much fun. I have every dream for you.
Love Mommy

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