Slow to blog...

Yeah I know, it's been a while.
When it comes to electronics, life has been crazy.
Shane's computer charger died on us early last week. So he's had my computer at school most days. That is reason 1 to why I haven't posted.
Reason 2. Uh... I've been lazy. I could post when Shane gets home, but my "three of us together" window is too precious. Then Tiny goes to sleep and my time with Shane would be cut in half! Yep... time too precious. And I'm lazy. Have I mentioned that?
Anyways. Shane got a new cord so hopefully my creative juices will start flowing.
News at our house.
- we're tired and trying to get to bed at an earlier time, 2 a.m. isn't cutting it.
- i've actually kept the house decently clean! (possibly another reason why I haven't blogged)
- we got a tablet
- i got a new lens. (helllllooooo! yes!)
- Tae is still adorable my favorite human.
- i found a miracle curly hair treatment. (huzzah!)
- and i think i may actually be half way to hydration. (it's my goal to be hydrated)

Now for some inspiration.
I read 2 blog posts that really inspired me.
(if you are friends on facebook then you've already seen one of these)
1- rockstar diaries Be inspired to unplug.
2. dear baby Be inspired to stop bullying.


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