The Curse of Curls.

Curly Hair, is that a blessing, or a curse?
Honestly, depends on the day.
Some days I feel like a movie star (maybe a movie star from the 80's), and other days I feel like Captain Hooks doppelganger.

I'm beginng to realize what my mom went through when it came to MY hair when I was little, Tae is pretty curly herself. The day starts with some cute piggie or a ponytail, and by mid-day it looks like she stuck a fork in a socket.

This is me.
Don't tell me whether you think I'm cute or if you pity me. I don't want to know.
(spell the word clown with me.... M-A-R-L-Y-N, thank you)

 This one is not so bad...
My poor mom. I mean, WHAT ELSE CAN YOU DO?!
I didn't like to actually DO my hair, I'd rather be climbing a tree or eating ants!
So my mom kept it short. Easier to do, and ......... I dunno what else....

This is me in my sophomore year of high school. I think I learned to handle it pretty well. I'm obviously skipping on the puberty/awkward stage pictures. But I wouldn't put you through that.
(on a random note, someone stole that jacket and I WILL find you!)
Throughout my life I have tried many a hair product.
There ARE plenty out there! But... you never actually look like the girls in the commercials. That is probably because they are wearing makeup in the face wash commercials, they have photoshopped their skin like crazy in the lotion commercials, and I'm pretty FREAKING sure they don't actually have curly hair in the curly hair product commercials. And if they do then I would also like the hair dresser to come free of charge with the gel/mousse/syrum I just bought.
Can you tell that I'm passionate about this?
This fire is mostly fueled my many years of being called "bush", people sticking their pencils in my hair and trying to find them again, and being dissappointed every time I tried a new product.
Haha! My life really wasn't that sad. All of that really happened, but I got over it pretty fast, and I'm honestly not as crazy as I sound.

So, I've found it. IT. IT IT IT IT.
The only IT that has been close enough to be even considered and IT.
IT is the best-so-far curly hair product I've found yet!
It's a curl defining cream. And it honestly has the weirdest name.
So... come back for more pictures (possibly more embarrassing ones) and to find out the name of this tiny miracle I found at Walmart.

***ever since I typed the title to this post I've had this song stuck in my head. Let's make this a makeshift Music Monday. Listen here.***

Also, if you have curly hair, and you can relate, go to
or on Pinterest at

I'm dying.
of laughter.



Heather said...

Oh Min!! You were so cute and now you are drop dread gorgeous!! You realize that everyone probably is really envy of your hair!!

Mekenzie @ said...

I love your curly hair. It is stunning!