What we are doing when we aren't blogging.

Most of the pictures are from my instagram.

Master sweeper.
 Celebrating birthdays.
 Chalking for the first time with Tae.
 My husbands self-made fly rod.
 Playing in the sun.
 Swinging and being goofy.
 Easter egg hunts.
 Waking up randomly in the night and  eating 3 bowls of frozen peas and watching Seinfeld with mom and dad. Out of the ordinary.
 Chopped off my hair, and loving it!
 Stalking Kenzie's dogs. (is this creepy that you didn't know we were there? haha)
 going for walks.
 jumping in bounce houses for the first time!
 Going on canyon drives for Shane's birthday.
 BWW for the boy.
 Our herb garden is coming along...
 She lovessssssss shopping. Mostly the carts.
 She is adorable.


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Mekenzie @ interiorsbykenz.com said...

Hahaha I love that picture of her creeping on the dogs :)

Also, you have such a beautiful and wonderful life. You inspire me to be happier.