Music Monday- and ramblings on life

Sometimes growing up really stinks.
Most of the time it's the best, and it's hard and it's challenging and your grow and you can see it.
But sometimes it's the worst kind of hard.
The hard that pops up in your mind throughout the day.
A big thing, or a million tiny ones.
The hard that makes your ribs hurt when you try and breathe your way through it.
The hard that makes your feel like you don't know who you are anymore.
Looking in the mirror becomes more than just a quick check on what you look like, it becomes more of a "where am I going?" look.
A long, long look.
The hard that kicks tears out your eyes throughout the day when you keep trying to not remember it. You can't forget it, but you can try to not remember. They aren't the same thing.
The hard that is responsible for any tears your pillow soaks up.
It doesn't matter what your "hard thing" is.
And maybe you don't have these same symptoms as I do.
But it can be hard.
The worst and the best part is that you know if you do it right then one day you will look back.
You will see that the "hard thing" was really the best thing.
Hard times get us moving when we normally would choose to stay still and never budge.
It's a forceful stretch, and it hurts and it feels like you are breaking, but you're not.
Even if you do, you come back stronger.
It takes a while to see that part. The good part.
When you look in the mirror again and you realize you do know who you are, and you never really forgot. And you see your strength.
You are stronger.
Then you are proud. Proud that you made it.
You passed through the dark part and in those few seconds you know you can do anything.
That's the best part about the hard part.
There will be more hard parts, but you can do anything.
You can do anything.
You just have to do it right.
You just need to be strong.
Not all the time, but most of the time.
That's life.
That is growing up.

Now, listen to this song and cry your eyes out.

John Mayer- Stop This Train

Click here to listen and cry.


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Mekenzie @ said...

That song is really really deep. John always knows how to put it.

I hope things get a little better soon. You are so strong and I look up to you so much!