Tiny Tuesday... updates not so much on a tuesday either

Hey Tiny.
We are a busy bunch around here.
Daddy goes to school AND work. I go to work. And while I'm at work you go to Aunt Jaime's house! You love going over there. Infact, today I got off work before your nap, so I came over and you were ready to go to sleep. So I tried to rock and sing you to sleep, but you just wanted Aunt Jaime! So I left the room while she got you to go to sleep, haha!
You are very routine oriented apparently. You know how things work at Aunt Jaime's house!

Even though we are busy, we still have just as much fun. You and I go on bike rides a lot. Sometimes if we are at a stop light you get bored. You reach forward, lift up my shirt and "tickle" my back. Haha! The first time you did that I had no idea what was happening!!! Now it's just funny. But I always cross my fingers that the light will turn fast so innocent people won't have to see my back.

You are very smart. You know a lot of words, but you only say them ONE TIME! Then if we ever ask you what something is or to say something you just say "dee" or "day".
We know you know the word, but after that first time you refuse to say it! You goof!
One of the words that you do say is "bye", but you pronounce it "dye". So whenever we are leaving a place you start waving and saying "DYE DYE DYE!" really loud. Might sound creepy if someone didn't know you, haha.
You LOVE Elmo. The weirdest thing is... you've only seen Sesame Street about 5 times. Somehow you fell in love with Elmo. We rented Elmo in Grouchland yesterday at the library.
When I turned it on you started screaming with excitement!

Your hair is as wild as ever, which is exactly what I expected.
I love it. I really do.
I just worry that people think I'm neglecting you.
I DO YOUR HAIR! It just doesn't look like it after a few hours.

Tomorrow we have another girls day! (just like every Thursday that Daddy works and has school ALL DAY)
I wonder what we'll do.... maybe go to a park if it is nice again. Maybe go to the Pumkin Walk with Jaime and your cousins. Maybe make some banana bread muffins.
I guess we'll choose tomorrow.
Goodnight Buns.
Love, Mommy



The Gearys said...

Hi there! I know you probably don't remember me but we were in the same ward in Logan for a while. I have really enjoyed your posts and your take on being a mother. I hope you don't mind that I have been reading your blog. I have really enjoyed it!

braids said...

Hi! Your name sounds super familiar, I'm sure if I saw your face I would recognize you!
Thank you so much :) in really glad you enjoy it!

Jadie Jo said...

I love so much that you write these letters! Tae is going to love reading them when she is older. This is something I would like to do when I have kids..if ever. Haha.

braids said...

Thank Jadie! It is really fun, and I wished I had something like this to read from my mom haha. It's a good motivator and reason to keep a 'journal'