Daphne's Birth Story

It's been almost a year since Daphne was born, so hopefully I get this spot on.

Throughout my pregnancy my doctor kept mentioning how small my bump was.
At one point she told me to eat ice cream once a day to put on some weight, which was, as you'd expect, a very enjoyable task.

Me, eating icecream (doctors orders)                      Tae and I on St. Patricks Day, my 20 week mark
On July 10 I went in and Daphne was measuring really small. I wasn't due until July 28, but she was worried that she was too small and wasn't getting the nutrients she needed. She told us to come back a week later and they would measure again. If she wasn't any bigger then they wanted to induce me so we could be sure that she was getting fed and was healthy.

On July 17, we went to the doctor, leaving a pretty well cleaned and organized house behind, incase Daphne was coming that day.
Turns out she hadn't grown much more. The doctor said "If we don't induce you today, we will induce you on Monday." Shane and I decided to have me induced that day.

This was taken outside the doctors after we found out I'd be induced in 2 hours!
Sidenote: I didn't buy any maternity clothes except this one denim shirt and the maternity leggings. I wore this and one other shirt for the last 3 weeks of my pregnancy. Haha! I'm cheap.

 We took Tae over to her Aunt Jaime's house. We told her that we were going to the hospital and her baby sister was coming that day! We had talked to her a lot about baby Daph, but we weren't sure how much had actually been understood.
I teared up a little when I left her there. There I was, a mother of one, about to become a mother of two. I wrote a huge journal entry telling Taegan how much I loved her and that she was my best little friend. I was scared that my heart wouldn't grow, it would just divide my love. Turns out, it grows.

We stopped and got a Subway sandwich on our way over because I did not want to be starving to death and only be able to eat ICE CHIPS! So I devoured a 12 incher.
When we finished with that we stopped at an arcade because... why not? We had a half an hour to kill.
We played skee ball and an alien shooting game (classic). We had enough tickets to win Tae a little green frog. I actually know where it is now, which is impressive.

We headed over to the hospital.
They got me in and hooked me up.
I hate needles. But when I'm pregnant they don't seem that bad because it's for your baby. However, I.V.s are evil. No way around that.
They put me on a pitocin drip and some antibiotics because I was postive for Strep B. It's been so long that I have no idea what that is. But the antibiotics were FREEZING. One of the things I remember most is how cold my whole arm was. I kept asking for more and more warm blankets for my arm.

While we waited we listened to Bon Iver and continued watching The Office. Pretty relaxing.
Oh minus contractions but, what ev.
Haha. Just kidding.
With Tae I labored for 5 PAINFUL hours and didn't progress at all.
THIS TIME I got to a 5 or a 7... can't totally remember but either was I was SO proud of myself!
Next baby (no, I'm not pregnant) I'm going to shoot for even further!
I got the epidural.
This time around it was heavier on my left leg. I had to lay on my side to get it to spread to my right leg more. This epidural seemed heavier. I couldn't feel/move my legs as freely as I did with Tae. But it was all good.
We kept waiting...
I know we facetimed a couple people.
We sent some pictures of ourselves to Jaime to show to Tae.
At one point I started crying. Because, again, I was scared. I didn't want to love Tae less. I just wanted my heart to grow bigger.
Shane hugged me and assured me that my heart would grow, and that I can love another baby as much as I love Tae.

I was induced at 1:00 pm. By 7:50 I was feeling huge contractions and I felt like a needed to push.
The nurses kept saying "Hold on, the doctor will be here soon!" I could tell they were trying to make it seem like it wasn't a huge deal, but I knew that I needed to get pushing.
My doctor arrived and I pushed through 2 contractions and at 8:20 pm, little Daph was born.

**Don't look at the pictures below if you don't know or don't want to know what a baby looks like right after it is born**

 She weighed 6 pounds and 6 ounces. Not as tiny as we thought :) which was a good thing.
She is so perfect.
 Uncle Janson and Aunt Nae brought Tae to the hospital. She was very excited to meet her baby sister.

 Our first family pictures as a family of four.
Taegan kept pushing my head down so I could kiss her.

 12 hours old.
Here we are now.
10 months later.
Taegan and Daph are best friends. Unless Daph wants some of Tae's yogurt covered raisins.
Naturally they get in some tussles and Tae shows us how "kong" her muscles are by picking Daphne up. But that is sibling love I guess.
They are best buds now and I hope that continues.




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mollyface said...

Makes me tear up, just remembering all that stuff. They are so cute together, even though Tae almost jumped on her head. When I grow up, I hope my family is as cute as yours!