It's been a year....

Hey  :0
I was trying to do a smiley face but then I pressed the wrong button and that face appeared and it just seems like such a perfect awkward face.
I feel awkward because its been a YEAR since I last posted!
I was writing in my journal yesterday and I realized that I don't have a baby book for Daph. I felt awful! I remembered how much of a "baby book" this blog has been for Tae.
So honestly this is mostly for my children, but feel free to read along because it's fun. (hopefully)

A lot of thing have happened in the last 12 month.
Should I play picture catch up? Month by month?
I'm starting from here.
And I will hopefully do a birth story for Daph.
Also I'm thinking about making my blog private because of terrifying articles I've recently read about kids pictures ending up all over the internet. So if anyone knows how to do that.... let me know.


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