Negative comparisons.

I can't be the only one who has compared themselves to others that they follow on a blog or FB or instagram. I know that because it comes up all over FB.
"Life isn't perfect so stop acting/blogging like it is!"

I have almost stopped following all blogs because of this.
It didn't start off that way when I first started following blogs. And it wasn't as bad as I may be making it out to be, I just got tired of pushing those thoughts out of my head.
I went on a blog following hiatus.
While on this hiatus I realized that it is okay to blog, it is okay to show fun things that you do and it's not the bloggers responsibility to bring the readers back down to earth.
Yes, it is annoying if people are being "fake", whatever that may mean.
But I think we as readers need to either not read blogs, or be realistic.
Do we want people posting sad things all the time?

I know that when people post sad things all the time people get annoyed with them (atleast on FB). They are dubbed as annoying and "so negative".
But people who share happy things all the time are dubbed "perfect"? (perfect in a negative way)

No body is perfect! Let people share what they share. And readers can either read or ignore. Am I right?

Example 1.
I took these pictures of my window sill. (I think it's cool, don't feel obligated to think it's cool)

What you DON'T know is that under this window sill is a GIGANTIC PILE OF SUPER NASTY DISHES!!!!!!!!! Why? Because right behind me is a BROKEN DISHWASHER that has stagnant water in the bottom. Yummy right? Why don't I just wash my dishes by hand day by day? BECAUSE I'M LAZY!
Do I want people to post about nasty smelly dishes and stagnant stinky water? Not really.

Example 2:
Yummy pizza right?
Actually it's quite doughy because (turns out) the heating element on the bottom of our oven is broken, hahaha! Funny, I think so. Something to post about? Probably not. Unless I'm posting about how our new apartment wasn't ready to move in to, haha!

Example 3:
Cute pic right?

Tantrums are real people. Just because people don't always post about them doesn't mean they don't happen.
:) chin up people.
Our lives rock too.

*** sidenote. I am in no way trying to imply that you all think my life is really cool of perfect. Also, I am a mom blogger and my words or not scripture or fact, just my opinion. bye :)***

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