South Point and Oreo Beach

Someone keep me motivated to blog what we do here... because I'm already being lazy, haha.

We rented a car because I needed to get out of the house.
Yesterday we celebrated Taegan's birthday early so we wouldn't be celebrating inside our house and not be able to go anywhere.
We went to a black sand beach, which I decided to call Oreo Beach. It was amazing! (I'm a really good writer).
The sand is courser than what you would expect from a white sand typical beach.
It took time for Daphne to get used to the waves and water but eventually she was screaming in delight every time the waves tickled her baby ankles. Taegan and I would sit on the sand and wait for a really big wave to come and "move our bodies around!" (it was a big wave so it would pick her up a bit and she loved that.)
I was able to lay out for a few minutes with nothing to show for it, (typical). We ate pb&js and sand covered pretzels and fruit.

When we were done we walked to the pavilion for the celebration. We sang, Tae blew out her candles and we ate cake. We tried to take down the pinata that I made, hahaha! We forgot to grab a stick so we each took turns with a big metal spoon. Imagine us right now, adults hitting a pinata with a spoon.
Inside there were 3 small presents for Tae.

After that we drove to a bakery and devoured salad and sandwiches. They had culinary gardens there that we wondered around in.

We then headed to the Southern most part of the United States! It's called South Point. Very telling.
We then witnessed the most beautiful sunset. It was windy and wonderful. The girls wanted to keep hiking all over the cliffs. We wandered through miniature fields and found an stone wall.
The water was aqua, the cliffs were black and the sky was made of every color imaginable.

On the way home Taegan told us that she loved spending her birthday with us.
Precious child.


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